Everything your family needs to get started.

Drop off forms at the Rosenberg Housing Authority
117 Lane Drive, Ste 18, Rosenberg, TX 77471

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Voucher Briefing & New Admission

New Admissions Voucher Briefing
Supplement to Application for Federally Assisted Housing
Is Fraud Worth It?
Payment Standards
Utility Allowance
Apartment Listing
How Rent is Determined
Moving To Work
A Good Place to Live
Jurisdiction Map
Fair Housing Is Your Right
Release of Information Authorization
Protect Your Family from Lead
Fort Bend Demographic Information
Language & Alternate Communications
Tenancy Addendum
Resident Rights
EIV & You

Re-Exam & Recertification

Recertification Expenses
Reschedule Request
How Rent is Determined
Resident Rights
Release of Information Authorization
EIV & You


Mover Briefing Packet
Mutual Rescission
Payment Standards
Utility Allowances
Port Out Request
Apartment Listing

Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable Accommodation Guidelines
Reasonable Accommodation Request


Violence Against Women Act – VAWA Addendum
VAWA Emergency Transfer Plan
VAWA Notification for Tenant


Employment Verification Form
Statement of Fact
Declaration of US Citizenship
Verification of Contributions
Verification of Disability
Verification of Child Care Expenses


Stop Cockroaches
Extension for Tenant Repairs
Inspection Flow Chart
Good Place to Live
Stop Mice
Stop Bedbugs
Healthy Homes
Stop Cockroaches Espanol
Stop Mice Espanol
Stop Bedbugs Espanol
Cost Effective & Money Wasting Bed Bug Control Methods


18 Year Old Packet
Complaint Form
Subsidy Change Flyer