Once the inspection packet is approved…

• You will be contacted to schedule an inspection
• If the unit fails, a letter will be sent indicating the needed repairs
• After reviewing the repair list, you have the choice whether to put the unit on the program or refuse to complete them and the tenant must find another unit.
• If the unit does not pass, the inspection will be rescheduled one time.
• If the unit does not pass after the second inspection, the Inspection Packet will be denied.


• Bathroom either doesn’t have a working vent fan or window that opens
• Door have inoperable locks, or there are locks installed that require a key to open from the inside.
• Missing cover on outlets and switches
• Exposed, cracked, frayed wiring or wiring not properly secured
• Electrical boxes missing knockouts or open spaces in boxes without breakers or blanks
• Unit lacks an operable smoke detector in one or more sleeping rooms or other required spaces
• Apartment numbers are not visible
• Wooden fence is broken
• Store burners that do not work or have missing knobs.
• Front and back yards are not mowed or trash/debris in yard or premises