Becoming a Landlord

You have questions, we have answers.

Renting to an HCVP Participant

RHA’s partnership with property owners and managers is integral to the success of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program. Property owners/managers that participate in the HCV Program enjoy a number of benefits including lower vacancy rates, tenant stability and free property inspections.

Renting to an HCV Program participant is similar to renting to any other tenant: HCV Program property owners screen voucher holders for suitability (as they would any other potential tenant), ask for a security deposit, collect rent and enforce the provisions of their lease (including settling disputes with tenants and evicting those who violate the lease).

Marketing Your Property to HCVP Voucher Holders

Owners can market their property to voucher holders by registering it at However, RHA does not require owners to register their property in order to lease to a voucher holder, and registering your property does not guarantee acceptance into the HCV Program.

Leasing Your Property to a Voucher Holder

New Landlords are required to attend a new landlord briefing. Briefings are held at the Rosenberg Housing Authority Office every Wednesday at 10am and 2pm.