COVID-19 UPDATES  (2/1/2021)
You must pay all back rent to your landlord. Discuss your options with your landlord. You cannot receive assistance with your rent from any other federal assistance program since you are already receiving housing assistance Click Here
If you are unable to do so, please contact the RHA to report an income change through AssistanceCheck, email, or phone: 281-342-1456.


●The RHA is open to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays each week.
● All biennial unit inspections will proceed physically unless you requested a remote virtual inspection.
● Report changes via Assistance Check; email to; or a request dropped off through drop slot at office.
● Participants may move but at a delayed schedule. Contact your landlord about going month-to-month or extending your lease by a few months. Do not sign another year lease.
● Inspections are being conducted using Owner Certified Non-Life Threatening verification, physically and virtually.
● Communication with housing personnel may be scheduled virtually using your smart phone or lobby computers
● Requests to port out of RHA are being processed normally.
● The RHA will currently allow a family to be absent from their unit greater than 180 days for COVID related reasons.
● If you have MAXED OUT of the program and there is a change in your income due to COVID, contact the RHA immediately for possible re-instatement.
● For COVID related reasons, the RHA may allow the occupancy of a unit to exceed 2 people per bedroom.
Annual Recertifications will not be held in person. Return your packet through Assistance Check, drop them in the drop slot in the door or email them to Provide ALL supporting documents in your packet (check stubs, award letters, child support verifications, etc.) Your letter regarding your certification will have a link to watch an Annual Briefing Video. (This may be scheduled inside the LOBBY)
●The RHA will still process requests for protections under the Violence Against Women Act. Shelter-in-place policies in the U.S. do not require anyone to stay in a violent or unhealthy situation. Police officers can still visit any facility that is restricting visitors and respond to 911 calls.

Participant Letter


●The RHA will open June 15, 2020 to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week. You will be required to call the number posted on the housing authority to announce your arrival. Remain in your car until your call is returned allowing you to come into the lobby (updated 6/3/2020)

● Office staff can be contacted via Assistance Check, email and by phone
● All biennial inspections will be temporarily postponed until further notice.
● Units currently in failed-inspection status for non-life-threatening conditions will be provided with an additional 30 days to provide proof that issues have been corrected
● New unit inspections (if applicable) will be based on owner self-certification of non-life threatening items or through a Virtual Inspection
● The RHA will continue to make payments on behalf of our tenants whose leases have expired unless the housing authority is notified the tenant has moved out.
● Tenants who expressed an interest to move will be allowed do so. Please work with the tenants and the RHA as we request an extension of a few additional months passed the expiration on their lease in order to allow this to occur
(updated 6/3/2020)

● RHA will temporarily allow a family to exceed the two-person maximum per bedroom if COVID-19 related
● Landlord payments will continue to be processed but delays may occur.
● Contact the RHA to confirm the validity of any new inspection packets you may receive
● If you have tenants that are having issues paying their current rent, please inform your tenants to con-tact the RHA as soon as possible

Landlord Letter


• The RHA is open to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week.
• The RHA will conduct live Voucher Briefings at reduced capacity.
• Families are required to wear a mask to enter the building.
• Do not bring any children or additional adults without prior notice.
• The presenter will be speaking behind a screen for added protection.
• Continue to keep your contact information updated on AssistanceCheck.