Sometimes life takes you down a different path, and we’re here to help you get there!
• Attend Re-Examination Interview.
• Fill out and return re-examination application. (designate moving on the application)
• Attend scheduled appointment and submit all required documents.
• Attend moving appointment at the end of next month:
  • Submit Mutual Recission Form (signed by tenant and landlord) – 60 Day notice
• Submit Portability Request form with contact information for HA you wish to port to
• Sign a 60-day voucher which will expire at the end of your lease
• Receive rent estimator sheet to Indicate your rent range
• Pick up Yellow Inspection Package with new jurisdiction map
• May write a statement that you wish to stay instead (if you choose not to move)
Failure to Attend this designated moving appointment will result in your voucher expiring after your lease expiration date. If you have not found a place to stay by the end of your lease, you will be responsible for full month-to-month rent if you choose to remain in the unit past your expiration date.