Sometimes life takes you down a different path, and we’re here to help you get there!

Note: To avoid re-letting fees it is always advisable to give your landlord at least a 60 day notice before the end of your lease. However, should you choose to move early, please view the Moving Video from the Instructional Video Page, and then follow 1 of the options below: Moving with or Without

Moving With

Please Note: When using, you’ll need to access the Rosenberg Housing Authority’s specific page using this shortlink:

Step 1: Create an Account

If you have an active email account that you check regularly, Please click here to create an account with If you need assistance, please use the button below.

You must use the email address that you have provided to the RHA.  If that email is no longer valid,  you must contact the RHA to change your email before setting up your account.

Step 2: Send a Letter of Good Standing

Once the account is set up and you’ve logged into your account, click on the Relocations box and fill out all information requested (make sure you know the landlord’s email). This will send a letter of good standing to your landlord that must be approved before the RHA can initiate a move.

If you need assistance with this process, click on Create a Support Ticket.

Step 3: The Housing Authority will Initiate the Voucher Process

Once the Letter of Good Standing is returned to the housing authority, we will initiate the voucher process. You will receive notification when your voucher is ready to sign in . (the last week of the month)  The notification email will also include the estimated maximum rent for each housing type.  You will be required to watch a moving video before the voucher can be signed.  You must follow the instructions to create your renter profile upon signing the voucher.

Step 4: Use the Affordability Calculator

You will no longer be provided with a Yellow Packet or a Rent Estimator. You and your prospective landlord can use the affordability calculator in to determine whether your income is eligible for prospective units. (This is found under your renter profile)  Please review the Affordability Video.

For a apartment listing, please click here

Step 5: Landlord Account

Request your prospective landlord create an account in and create a eRFTA for you through the newly created account.

Step 5: Signing your eRFTA

Once the eRFTA has been created by the landlord,  it will be sent to you to sign.  Log into your account in Bob,  Go to the Dashboard and choose Manage eRFTA. Click on the 3 dots at the end and choose to sign your eRFTA.

Moving Without

If your family wants to move, you must request it within 90 days of your lease expiration. It is your responsibility to tell the housing authority you want to move.

Step 1: Visit this link and fill out the Mutual Rescission form.
Step 2: Print and submit the 1st page to your landlord if you are moving at the end of your lease.

The 2nd page of the Mutual Rescission form is only needed if you must leave before the lease expires. The landlord may require a re-letting fee.

Step 3: Agree upon a move-out date with your landlord.
Step 4: Landlord & Tenant sign the form and return it to the RHA.

Once you have reported that you want to move you will receive a voucher at the next scheduled moving day, which is always the last Tuesday of the month. You will be given a 60 day voucher, but the RHA will stop payment at the time agreed upon with your current landlord.