If Inactive, you were not selected for the Waiting List. You may re-apply next time the waiting list opens.

If Active, you were selected for the Waiting List and may now create an account on:
www.AssistanceCheck.com using the Assistance Check PIN on your Application Receipt.
1. The applicant logs into www.assistancecheck.com and clicks on the “click to create an applicant account”.
2. The applicant then enters in their last name, ssn, date of birth and the PIN number
3. The applicant then sets up three security questions and responses (Please write these down in case you forget your password in the future)
4. The applicant then reviews their setup information prior to submitting the request to activate the account including their email address.
5. An email is sent from www.AssistanceCheck.com to the recipient email address and the applicant opens the email received and clicks on the link to complete the process to activate the account. Once activated the applicant may log into www.AssistanceCheck.com